Unification of collaborative services at SFR Business Team
Retour sur les actions menées avec SFR Business Team et ses outils collaboratifs

Mr Lionel P., Messaging and Business Partner Program Manager at SFR Business Team, talks about the services that Apitech has been providing for several years.

SFR Business Team offers a wide range of hosted services including messaging, DNS and Web hosting, authentification radius, TOIP / VOIP, shared firewall to business professionals from the small-sized company to large accounts.

Competition is fierce both at domestic and international levels as far as hosted services are concerned. Given that context, Mr P.’s major focus is on flexible tools and a full commitment to deadlines, which is exactly what Apitech has been offering. Because Apitech is a provider of fixed-price services delivered remotely, Lional P. can benefit from flexible solutions in order to quickly upgrade his platform which features 150,000 messaging users.

One of the major trends observed by Lionel P. in the area of hosted services is the unification of messaging systems (Mail, Communicator, Lync, SharePoint, …) in the form of a collaborative suite to increasingly integrate Centrex IP telephony.

As a conclusion, Lionel P. gives his thumbs up to Apitech solutions and encourages us to « remain flexible and available and keep on delivering quality products ».