Aeroform briefcase is an export success
Retour sur les actions menées avec la société Aeroform concernant le logiciel embarqué dans sa valise de réparation d'autoclaves

Aeroform France manufactures autoclaves, drying ovens and polymerization briefcases for the composite industry and, more precisely, for the aeronautics and space industries. Amongst other products, Aeroform engineered a « briefcase» to manufacture, repair and cook composite elements. These briefcases comply with current maintenance specifications in the aeronautics field for instance. They feature temperature sensors called thermocouples and a touchscreen computer as a management interface.

Aeroform and Apitech teamed up to develop a firmware in order to monitor this briefcase. This piece of software makes it possible to monitor two cooking areas simultaneously. Measurement graphs display indications about cooking temperature values and alert messages if the cooking is not in line with the parameterized data. PDF- or Excel-generated cooking reports can be produced to monitor the activity.

The application is available with metrics and imperial values and multi-language versions. It runs on a Windows XP Embedded operating system and was developed in C# language based on Framework 4.Net. A number of briefcases have been sold in Asia and Europe.