Why join Apitech teams?

Conviviality, dynamism, curiosity … do these words speak to you?

Discover our way of working under the sign of co-construction!

What can we take?


On a human scale, you will quickly find the help you need


You will not work on a single task but on an entire project


You will discover new technologies, new concepts


You will be in direct contact with the client

It’s like it at apitech

We may not have foosball, but we know how to do otherwise.

Team building

Apitech organise pour ses équipes des événements permettant à chacun de se retrouver pour profiter d’un moment de détente entre collègues. Vous aussi vous voulez savoir qui est champion de tennis, créateur de jeux vidéos, accro à la trottinette ?

Ces moments nous permettent de mieux connaître nos collègues dans un contexte convivial et ludique !

Blogger community

L’expérience cumulée de nos collaborateurs nous a amené à créer un blog pour mettre en avant leur savoir-faire.

En prime Apitech suit ses blogueurs et les aide à promouvoir leur expertise grâce aux réseaux sociaux.


Il y a eu la coupe du monde 2018 de football (avec on le rappelle un magnifique 4-2 pour la France !!), il y aura la coupe du monde 2019 pour le foot féminin (en plus ça tombe bien la première sera à Lyon et on y est !) et encore beaucoup d’autres événements, qu’ils soient interne ou externe, sportif ou non !

Durant ces événements tout Apitech est réuni, et tente sa chance dans le jeu-concours du moment !

currently we’re looking for:

Mozart, a full owner CMMS for Emalec

Emalec specializes in the technical maintenance of multiple sites in 7 languages, 24/7. In 2001, this 15-strong company did not have any information systems. Since...

Unification of collaborative services at SFR Business Team

Mr Lionel P., Messaging and Business Partner Program Manager at SFR Business Team, talks about the services that Apitech has been providing for several years. SFR...

Aeroform briefcase is an export success

Aeroform France manufactures autoclaves, drying ovens and polymerization briefcases for the composite industry and, more precisely, for the aeronautics and space...

Mélanie2 : a large messaging service built on an open source software platform

The French Department for Ecology, selected Apitech again to support and upgrade their Melanie2 messaging system which is based on an Open Source software core. Mr...

Applications welcomed

At Apitech we rely on the human skills of a person. So do not hesitate to apply directly via our small questionnaire!

Apitech in collaboration with:

CPE Lyon has been training engineers in chemistry-process engineering and digital sciences for more than 20 years. With 1250 students […]

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Since its creation in 1967, the University Institute of Technology has been able to build a coherent, responsive and adapted training package […]

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The IT-Akademy is, since its creation, specialized in the field of computer engineering and delivers certifications, diplomas or professional titles […]

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The first French computer school to have been created by professionals, the first to have obtained the RNCP level 1 (State-certified Bac +5) […]

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Created in 1958, CESI is a group of higher education and vocational training. It relies on 24 campuses spread accross France […]

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But also:

Apitech en collaboration avec l'institut de formation ib-cegos


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