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Your smart industrial equipments are rich in data.

Do you want to connect to them and retrieve data on time or on the go?

Yes !

You have a large amount of data.

Are preventive maintenance and predictive analytics one of your current concerns?

Yes !

Your fleet of industrial machinery requires a level of centralization.

Are you looking for a supervisory and steering tool?

Yes !

You are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and you want to add value to your industrial products with software?

Yes !

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Are you looking for performance ? Your automatons communicate data that requires the addition of states in order to be alerted of every abnormal change.

Our monitoring solution helps you understand and avoid production outages. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive data models, you’ll even know how to predict it!


Your industrial equipments are rich in data. Data acquisition is the collection of states, voltages, currents, temperatures, pressures, images or sounds with a computer.

Data may be sampled per millisecond depending on machine cycle times. Your machines communicate and we know how to acquire their data via many communication modules adapted to different protocols.

We can make a new communication module if we don’t already have it!


The datas are instructive. Time allows us to learn from data and deduce states through variables.

The visualization in real time and / or delayed allows to make direct analysis of faults, to establish diagnostics. A true maintenance tool, you will be autonomous in monitoring, detecting, controlling and validating the operation of your production lines.


Quality depends on quantity. Thanks to real-time data acquisition, Apitech centralizes information in relational or non-relational databases.

This step allows centralized operation and volume processing from time/value data.


Use the experience for the future. Consolidated data volumes allow for preventive analysis (anticipating maintenance activities) and/or predictive analysis (prediction and planning of corrective actions).

Preventive and predictive aim to improve productivity.


Involves a plurality of actors in the development and implementation of a project or action.

“Successful marketing of the product depended on Apitech’s ability to deliver on commitments, on cost and on time. The first stable release from the client was released in 9 months and its results exceed expectations. The product remains completely open in terms of development and can be expanded very flexibly: the range of functionalities has been multiplied by 2.”

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Apitech had already shown us its know-how on a similar problem by creating an HMI consolidating information on automatons and industrial robots. The ability to work in agile mode was decisive. Compared to a software solution that would have required many adaptations, Apitech was able to adapt to our needs in order to follow the evolution of the project by being particularly responsive.”

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