Mélanie2 : a large messaging service built on an open source software platform
Retour sur les actions menées avec le ministère de l'écologie concernant sa messagerie opensource principalement

The French Department for Ecology, selected Apitech again to support and upgrade their Melanie2 messaging system which is based on an Open Source software core. Mr Jean-Claude R. who is Project Coordinator and Procurement Manager with the IT services and computer engineering department explained how Apitech delivered their services for the National Expert Messaging Unit.

The Melanie2 messaging system includes 85,000 mailboxes, 55,000 users in rich-client mode (the Melanie2 mail user agent includes Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Lightning and Apitech extensions), 44,000 web-based users (PHP Horde / Kronolith suite with APITECH plug-ins) and synchronizes more than 2,000 digital assitants through z-push and CalDAV interfaces).

Mr Jean-Claude R. confirms that in the case of such a wide-scale messaging system “as a crash is the major risk, performance and ergonomics must be first-class. The Apitech teams provide technical skills, responsiveness and an innovative spirirt”.

The forthcoming organizational and technological challenges are huge and encompass the reduction of travel costs, the phased, the widespread use of mobile terminals and the implementation of unified communications platforms to name but a few, and the Department relies on Apitech to face them successfully.

Jean-Claude R. concludes with the following accolade “I wish that for the Melanie2 project, Apitech will continue to develop efficient and realistic solutions, while applying their vast technical skills to keep tracks with the upcoming technical and organizational changes”.